Topaz Glow

Topaz labs have just released a new plugin for image editing Topaz Glow The following is my quick review and first impressions of using this plugin. From comments on the Topaz product page it would also appear that this is the first package to offer this Style of image effects on the MAC Platform. Please try the trial version before you buy and check the product specifications and system requirements. This plugin will not work under Windows 32 bit systems.

The package retails at USD 69.99 but with the coupon code INTROGLOW, entered at the checkout, it can be purchased at the introductory price of USD 49.99 , from 9th December 2014 to 31st December 2014.

Topaz state the following in their release notes:“Glow can be used as a stand-alone or a plugin to transform your photos from dull to dazzling. Containing more than 70 unconventional and quirky filters, you can infuse your images with neon, graphic, liquid and other electrifying effects.¬†“

The following images show some of the effects that can be achieved with this plugin.

The before is on the left and after is on the right.

Topaz glow 1

topaz glow 5

topaz glow 2