The Joys of Membership of 2 Camera Clubs

For the past 5 years I have been a member of a “Local Camera Club” and have served on their committee for just over 4 years. During this time I have produced the “Local Camera Clubs” Newsletter, Workshops,and related notes, for the “Local Camera Club” evenings and had been their Digital Secretary for 2 1/2 years.

1 1/2 years ago I joined “another photographic club”. After being a member of this club for 6 months I was invited to join the “Other Clubs” committee taking on the role of Programme Secretary.

I accepted this role and stood down from the “Local Camera Club” Committee at their AGM to avoid any conflicts in interest and the ins and outs of membership of two camera clubs.

I have been quite open with both of these clubs re my membership of both, images and image use in inter-club competitions permitting each club to use my images as requested/required. It should be noted that each club moves in different photographic “circles” and at no time have any of my images been used by these two clubs against each other in inter-club competitions at the club level. This was accepted by the “Local Camera Club” who continued to select my work for Interclub Competitions.

This year however the “Other Club” requested to use my images in the EAF Inter Club Championship Competitions so me being me I advised the “Local Camera Club” of my choice via email.

“Just a quick reminder to advise you, and confirm earlier conversations re EAF selection, that the “Other Club”” will be using a selection of my prints and PDI’s for this years’ EAF Club Competitions.

As a result of this I shall also be entering my own EAF Exhibition entries through the “Other Club” this year.

This in effect means that the “Local Camera Club” cannot use any of my images for this years EAF Inter Club Competitions.

PS. This email was originally sent via the contact form on the club web site….”

This follows the EAF Interclub Championship Rule:

4. Photographers may submit work into each championship via one club only and they must be bona-fide members of that club. In this respect the integrity of competing clubs is implicitly relied upon.

Surprise Surprise after the EAF INTER-CLUB CHAMPIONSHIPS PDI Competition the following email was received from “The Committee” of the “Local Camera Club”:

“I have been asked by the committee to write to you regarding two issues:

You have brought to the competition secretary’s attention that “catch up” had been allowed contrary to rule 2VI. This matter has been resolved.

The competition secretary of the EAF has informed us that that you have nominated the Other Club as your nominated club for the EAF competitions therefore in accordance with the “Local Camera Club’s” rule 9 and the rules of the PAGB your work is not eligible for any “Local Camera Club” competition including the Annual Exhibition.”

Note the wording “The Competition Secretary of the EAF has informed us” and the following:

The EAF Has no defined role of Competition Secretary. There is a defined role of Championship Secretary who has advised me of the following via email:

“In my role as EAF Championship Sec I have never asked any club for use of prints by certain authors into the Club Champs. I have never done so and would never expect an EAF Champs Sec to do that. The Club Champs are just that – Club – and it is up to the club to comply with the EAF rules as written.”

The EAF permits membership of two or more clubs and permits entry into their annual exhibition as per this rule:

EAF EXHIBITION RULES (Rule 6) State the following:

” 6. Members of more than one society or club in the EAF are entitled to enter their prints (monochrome and colour) through one society or club and their projected digital images through another society or club. ”

Rule 9 of The “Local Camera Club” states the following:

9) All members work submitted for Club competitions (prints and digital files), if available, will be eligible
solely to represent this camera club in external battles and competitions, including those of the E.A.F. and P.A.G.B..

This is where it gets interesting : the wording of Rule 9. “If available” and “solely”. I have chosen to make my prints available for interclub competitions as requested by both the “Local Camera Club” and the “Other Club” never in the same competition so each club has benefited from my membership and images equally. This stance has been accepted by both the “Local Camera Club” and “Other Club”.

Under EAF rules I nominated the “Other Club” to use my images for the EAF Interclub Championships and advised the “Local Camera Club” of this to avoid conflict and play by the rules of the EAF.

The PAGB Federation Rules state the following:

Photographers who are members of more than one club in different federations, may only support with their prints and slides, one nominated federation of their own choice in all P.A.G.B. competitions in any one calendar year. This equally applies to members of more than one club in the same federation of the P.A.G.B.

This rule applies to PAGB Competitions at Federation Level not competitions at Club Level. Yes both camera clubs are affiliated to the EAF who in turn are affiliated to the PAGB. Neither the EAF or PAGB have any input to club rules or club competitions. This affiliation via the EAF gives both clubs access to a PAGB Handbook each year which contains Judges and Lectures available within the EAF and other federations who are members of the PAGB.

It should be noted that after this email I have requested the following actions from the “Local Club”

1. Return all prints within their possession to my home address at their cost, (including “Sailing Home” which I believe has been selected for XX Competition. Quote from “Local Club” Secretary via email on this point:

“Your print that was to be used in XX Competition has been recovered and all your prints will be returned to you.”

Does the “Local Camera Club” want it’s cake and then eat it, given their email and stance no way !

2 Delete all digital images held by the “Local Camera Club” within their digital Data Bases.
3.Remove from the “Local Camera Club” web site all workshop notes that I have provided over my years of membership.
4.Cease using any software I have written for the “Local Camera Club” as I am no longer in a position to support it.

So far point 1 has been achieved points 2 to 4 are outstanding at this moment in time.

In would also appear that my entries into the “Local Camera Club” League Competitions for this season have been deleted. The “Local Camera Club” Rule 2 states:

2) Leading Points.
I. Club competitions are open to all paid-up and honorary members of the club.

Still thats life…

In conclusion I will be moving on to pastures new next year, given the above events.

I have enquired at another camera club re membership of more than one club. Their response was:

There is no conflict belonging to more than one camera club except that you have to choose your affiliation when entering external competitions and that choice is yours to make.

I know many photographers on the circuit within the EAF who belong to more than one camera club and alternate their affiliation by club each year between clubs.

Perhaps the MIKADO comes to mind and “Make The Punishment Fit The Crime”. But WHAT CRIME?

To my Friends in the “Local Camera Club” I wish you all the best for the future. Why not look at alternative camera clubs in this area. The EAF have a listing of clubs on their web site……