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Competition Win

Most surprised to win Harlow Seniors Photographic Society’s Tom Mason Trophy with the following image.

Spiders Web

New Galleries Added

Two new galleries have been added today.


Polo @ Silver Leys Polo Club

Keep Your Eye on The Ball



A day at the  Shutleworth Collection…




Pitts Special S2S

Pitts Special S2S



B52 American Hanger Duxford IWM

I visited  Duxford Imperial War Museum yesterday as they were moving the aircraft out of the American Hanger for general maintenance to the hanger. The result was that the B52 was outside in all its glory. Not overshadowed by other aircraft above and beside it and one could really appreciate its size.

The only problem being that it was surrounded by a 10 ft high security fence. Patience paid off the gate was opened briefly and the following image was captured which has also been posted to Flickr. Click on thumbnail to enlarge !

Further images ge swill be added to this gallery as I process them.


Lightning Preservation Society

I have added a new gallery following a visit to THE LIGHTING PRESERVATION GROUP, based Bruntingthorpe Areodrome. This was a night shoot with serval set scenes to photograph. A reminder of The Cold War Days of my childhood. The society maintain 2 Lightning aircraft at present and have bid for a third.


Lightning Aircraft _VW_0658enfuse-Lighting Preservation-Edit-3 _VW_0757-6 _VW_0856-11

Topaz Glow

Topaz labs have just released a new plugin for image editing Topaz Glow The following is my quick review and first impressions of using this plugin. From comments on the Topaz product page it would also appear that this is the first package to offer this Style of image effects on the MAC Platform. Please try the trial version before you buy and check the product specifications and system requirements. This plugin will not work under Windows 32 bit systems.

The package retails at USD 69.99 but with the coupon code INTROGLOW, entered at the checkout, it can be purchased at the introductory price of USD 49.99 , from 9th December 2014 to 31st December 2014.

Topaz state the following in their release notes:“Glow can be used as a stand-alone or a plugin to transform your photos from dull to dazzling. Containing more than 70 unconventional and quirky filters, you can infuse your images with neon, graphic, liquid and other electrifying effects. “

The following images show some of the effects that can be achieved with this plugin.

The before is on the left and after is on the right.

Topaz glow 1

topaz glow 5

topaz glow 2


Time to Think

Today I have been working on a Theme entitled “Misplaced”. I am creating images which have components “out of Place/Mislaid”.


Todays is a composite image of a Scottish Beach and a  well photographed boat from the South Coast.






I Gave my Today for Your Tomorrow

Todays post is a thought of mine that I wish to share with you.

“On the 11/11/2014 we look at our world 100 years after the start of The First World War. A war described as “The War to End Wars”. How wrong we were. In 1939 the Second World War started and ended in 1945.

Today we have conflict all around us within many countries throughout the world. Let us not forget those who made the ultimate sacrifice for us to have our “tomorrows” today.

Do we all need to stop and think be fore we act in this way?”

I gave you My Today for Your Tomorrow


The grave stone is from a local church yard, St Andrews, Much Hadham, Herts, UK. The watch is my fathers’ foster fathers watch which saw service in the World War “I” and no longer works, so time has stood still.  The field is from a “corner” which is forever England – Norfolk.

John Maxwell Edmunds is credited with the following words, an epitaph in the Kohima Allied war cemetery.

“When you go home, tell them of us and say
For their tomorrow, we gave our today.”
Source: ””

For those who gave “Their Today for Our Tomorrow” let us not forget them in future years as their numbers decline year by year.

New Gallery

A new gallery has been added … Paintings from Photographs. All have been created using Topaz Lab Impression Filter.

Why not take a look.

Tower Bridge London

Following a visit to London last week with The Harlow Seniors Photographic Club. I posted the flowing image on Flickr. Very pleased with the image and the resulting 15,617 views and 337 faves….


Tower Bridge at Night


See more images of London in my Gallery Pages…..

New Gallery Added

New Gallery added detailing images of Scotland taken over the last two years