London Photo 24

On the 11st/2nd July Photography News held a 24 hour Photo event in London. Sign ups by email several weeks ago. Various events were offered within the 24 hours and yes I did manage the whole 24 hours without sleep…

One lesson learnt do not overload your camerbag .. I did ouch !!

One  image taken, of, The City, is below and more can be seen here.

Yes there were Morris Dancers with a catch… from Foggy Bottom near Washington DC. Hers a link to the Foggy Bottom Morris Men, Washington DC web site. Yes no leg pulling !!

An enjoyable conversation took place on how Morris Dancing has been imported from the USA to the UK circa…….

Even more interesting during the day was watching Japanese tourists taking countless images of themselves in clothes newly purchased in many locations across London.

Westminster Bridge was a hot spot …



It was an enjoyable 24 hours walking over 9 K  in total. Would i do it again ….yes !!